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21 03, 2016

A Special Note to Syrian Mothers on Mother’s Day

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Mother and child in the Zaatari Refugee camp, Jordan. Photo: Mohamed Azakir / World Bank The Arab world celebrated Mother’s Day on Monday, March 21st. In Syria, Egypt, the Gulf, Jordan, Palestine, Libya and Sudan, mothers were cherished and showered with love and gifts. The date also coincides with the beginning of spring. But for the past four years in Syria, Mother’s Day has

15 03, 2016

The Syrian Spring Blossoms Again

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  Five years ago, we were told not to have high expectations or ambitions in Syria. It seemed that we had a roof over our heads to remind us where our place was. We were living without even having the chance of hearing our own voices or realizing our dreams. Looking at life in Syria back then seemed normal on the outside, but within we

1 03, 2016

Living Under Assad’s Siege, Again

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The Assad regime’s brutal murder campaign on Syria has destroyed my life back home. Four years ago, I had a lot of dreams that I planned to implement in my hometown. Today, I write this plea as a refugee who has lost family members to indiscriminate bombs and arbitrary detainment. My name is Ameenah and I am 25 years old, yet somehow I feel much